23 March 2013

The History - 1

After roughly 30 years of trying to be a self taught photographer, I decided to try and formalise my photographic education and take a few college courses. So in 2012 I found myself sitting in a class room at the local college becoming bored with lectures on depth-of-field, aperture & shutter speed relationships and the rule of thirds. At the end of the advanced course we were introduced to the concept of high speed photography and in particular, water drop photography. 

I realised that you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to get results and this, along with an article in a photography magazine, sparked my interest and eventual enthusiasm for water drop photography. The college set-up was very simple and basic and consisted of one of the other students holding a pipette about 500 mm above a glass dish and trying to make small drops of water fall in to the dish with some sort of consistency  whilst the other students tried desperately to fire their shutters at the correct time to capture the drop hitting the water in the dish. All very hit and miss as you can see from the images below... 

Almost got one !

Too late !

The Beginning

My friend & fellow Arduino user, Phil (, suggested that I should document my interest in high speed photography and water drop photography in particular and so I have started this blog.  It is the first blog I have ever attempted and I am sure it will improve as I get the hang of it. It will mostly detail the design and build of a rig to automate or at least improve the consistency of my water drop photography and my pursuit of the ultimate water drop photograph, which probably doesn't exist or if it does, I don't have the skills or talent to take it.